Goodbye WordPress!

This entire campaign was a part of a technology project I had to complete regarding social activism. We had to choose a cause that we felt strongly about and create a petition and blog about it.

This is my project.

Today, June 1st, is the due date of my project, and it is with great despair that I announce the taking down of this blog. This is my last blog post, and the site, along with affiliated links and profiles, will be taken down in approximately 12 hours.

Thank you for all your support, and for the last time, happy blogging.


Remember to Promote!

Hey bloggers~! Don’t forget to promote the petition and the hashtag!

The petition link is:

It’s been stuck at 25 signatures! Doing this quick and simple process can go a log way in supporting the cause!

Lastly, the hashtag, as always, is #MoreStarbucksTraining! Remember to use this on both Twitter and Instagram. The usage of this hashtag on other social media platforms is also appreciated.

Thank you so much and happy blogging!

Coffee and New York

Hello all! Hope y’all had a nice day. Today there’s another fact. What made this so interesting to me was how it has to do with my home state, New York! So yeah, some personal information!

New Yorkers drink almost seven times as much coffee as the rest of the U.S.

The fact from today comes from:

Discussion on Social Media and its Outreach

As you all know, I have tried my best in promoting the cause, petition, and blog on Twitter and Facebook. Nothing has happened. I have received no likes, comments nor reblogs. WordPress is the most effective platform at the moment, so I will use this as an opportunity for discussion.

Question of the Day: How can a certain post or profile be shared and become viral?

Please, I’d really like some help. Comment on the post with your responses!

Another Fact!

I was looking through some websites and this completely shocked me! The difference between police searches between races is huge!

Once stopped, during traffic stops, 3 times as many Black and Hispanic drivers were searched as white drivers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics

Here’s the link to the article: